Drainage Solutions & Erosion Control

Fixing drainage issues and solving soil erosion

T. Hill Construction has a proven ability to fix drainage issues and control soil erosion in the St. Louis area.

Drainage Solutions & Installation

Providing Optimal Solutions for Drainage Issues

Drainage problems are a real hassle to deal with, and when one turns up on your property it can be hard to know what to do. Most drainage sites have limited access, as well as utilities that are buried underground and need to be worked around or even excavated.

Our team is trained to do just that, and will properly fix your drainage problem in an efficient manner. A few drainage issues that we can help you with include standing water in your yard, which can be an incredibly inconvenient nuisance, and can also kill your grass and landscape and cause mosquitoes problems.

If this is your issue, T.Hill can install a brand new drainage system to prevent the standing water. Storm water runoff can also be a major problem, as it can cause flooding and can contain contaminants.

Our Services

How We Can Help

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Creek Bank Restoration & Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Storm Water Management
  • Gabion Rock Basket Walls
  • Parking Lot Drain Installation
  • Driveway & Garage Door Drain Installation
  • Culvert Pipe Placement
  • Grading and Excavation
  • Hauling of Materials

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T. Hill Construction is just a call away to fix any drainage and/or soil erosion problems that you are having.

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Erosion Control

We Take Soil Erosion Very Seriously

Soil erosion is an extremely dangerous safety hazard if you do not immediately and properly address it. It often occurs in slopes and other downhill areas. Besides natural geographical location, urbanization, in which trees are cut down, is also a leading cause of soil erosion. The good news is that there are plenty of erosion control techniques out there in order to prevent your soil from eroding.

Controling Soil Erosion

How Retaining Walls Can Help

We are very experienced at installing retaining walls, not only to flatten out land, but to also help with soil erosion. This technique is called hardscaping, and can be a very efficient technique if your land already has a use for a retaining wall in the first place.

Not only does a retaining wall bring an aesthetic appeal, but it also provides protection against cases of soil erosion.

Location Is Key

We take into consideration the location of your property in the greater St. Louis are very carefully before proceeding with any landscaping plans. This way we can implement the needed erosion control techniques in order to prevent any destruction of your landscape.

Depending on your location, erosion control can be a huge priority or not as much of a concern.

Our Expertise

We will do everything in our power to prevent damage from happening on your St. Louis property. We are experts at restoring and protecting creek banks.

By using gabion rock and basket walls in order to build retaining walls we can help prevent soil erosion.

Our Team

T.Hill Construction has extensive experience and knowledge in drainage installation and soil erosion control with a proven ability to fix any type of problem that you are experiencing.

It’s crucial to get the right people and equipment on the job, and at T. Hill Construction we only hire the best operators and laborers along with our well-maintained equipment.

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We can prevent soil erosion and provide solutions for your drainage problems.

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